International High Jump Meeting 2020


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International High Jump Meeting 2018

Wednesday 6 june 2018

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HighJump Meeting 2017

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During the HighJump Meeting 2012 Vincent Bergman made a beautiful video of the

mens competition.

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Nadine Broersen Says Yes!

Last year’s champion and participant at the London Olympic Heptathlon returns to Zoetermeer!

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Update Participants:

Most of the invited jumpers have already confirmed their participation. Slowly the competition is taking it's final form.



The competition is heading towards it's final form. Two weeks before the start of the Klaverblad International Highjump Meeting most of the invited jumpers have already confirmed their participation. In the men's meeting we already have three jumpers with a Personal Best over 2.30m and in the women's meeting we have several women with a Personal Best over 1.84m, the current Meeting Record.

At this moment we have 8th confirmed participants in the men's meeting. We are very glad to welcome Rozle Prezelje, Meeting Record holder here in Zoetermeer and Participant at the London 2012 Olympics. With the Personal Best of 2.32m he set earlier this year, he has proven to be at his best this season. He has jumped here before and could attack his own Meeting Record set in 2007. Another participant of a major event in 2012 is jumping in Zoetermeer this year. The British Samson Oni, participant at the European Championships in Helsinki will be back in Zoetermeer this year after winning here in 2010 and becoming third last year. The Botswanian Kabelo Kgosiemang completes our list of 2.30+ jumpers. This year he won the African Championships for the fourth time in a row, proving he has been the best African jumper for over eight years now. Home favourites Jan Peter Larsen and Douwe Amels will also be competing in this years Highjump Meeting.

In the women's meeting we have already five confirmed participants. Four of these women have a Personal Best better then the Meeting Record of 1.84m, jumped in 2010 by the Swedish Ebba Jungmark. We are glad to have two women here, Hannelore Desmet and Sietske Noorman, who are trained by Wim Vandeven, who is also the coach of Tia Hellebaut. Most likely the Ebba's Meeting Record will be challenged, the only question remaining is: who will be the best at the end of the day. Also competing in this Meeting are home favourites Nikki May Woudstra and Marije Langen.

In the upcoming two weeks we are expecting a view more confirmations to complete both the women's and the men's Meeting. For now you can take a look under PARTICIPANTS to find all the information you need about the confirmed participants.